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Partnership Ligerpole

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A new partnership between Celvia and Liger : a collective and sustainable project, unique in Europe.

The production sits of Celvia for turkey and Celvia convenience belonging to SBV Company, have a partnership between Ligerpole, a pioneer with the process of energetique autonomy.

It has been inaugurated by the President François Hollande in November 2016. It enables a performing handling of renewable energies. The will to struggle against global warming and to develop local economy is the driving force between SBV and Liger.

This win-win alliance is driven by the volunteer of  SBV’s to start sustainable developments.

More then half of the organic material extracted of waste water, stored before are now collected and valorized by Liger. These material as well as others, all coming from different  activities of the territory (industry, agriculture, public structures) integrate a process of performing methanisation Liger produces herewith 6 essential green energies: green heat, green electricity, bio fuel and biomethane.

This innovation and responsible approach is tested to be rolled out on other sites of  SBV.