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A day of good humor for work-study students from the SBV center

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During two integration sessions, on November 9 and 15, 2023, 30 learners from the SBV center met to share a friendly moment and learn more about the Group.

As the days progressed, the actors relaxed thanks to the activities offered.

In a fun way, the apprentices and trainees were able to obtain information thanks to the interventions of Laurent GIRARD, but also through the implementation of activities proposed by Ludovic CHAMOIN FOUCAUT and Emilie LEFORT. They were made aware of the seeds of the future approach and safety by the coordinators present these days.

The participants of these days were able to enjoy a friendly lunch in which they were able to exchange ideas and strengthen their ties.

To conclude these wonderful days, a team building event was put in place, thus strengthening the links between learners and teachers, while highlighting everyone’s competitive spirit, all in a warm atmosphere.



The feedback on these days was very positive and should allow the Group to perpetuate this type of event, the first editions of which date from 2022.

If you would like to be one of our next recruits: do not hesitate to contact us or apply via this link.

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